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  What Does A Caring And Respectful Curriculum For Toddlers Look Like?


What do you think a quality curriculum for toddlers looks, sounds and feels like?


What do you think the needs of toddlers are?

Read and Reflect:

Read the following article about creating a hugge for toddlers.

How does this compare to what is currently going on for the toddlers in your setting?

What are some things that you can do in your setting to create a hugge?


This short video clip has some Hygge like settings. How do they make you feel?

In this video Stephanie from the Curiosity Approach speaks about using real things like ceramics in children's play vs plastic toys.

Reflect on what is currently available in your setting for toddlers to play with?

What are the values of using "real things" in children's play.

Do you currently use "real things" in your setting? If not what are the barriers?